Frequent questions

The Online tracking application is fully compatible with all portable devices and in any resolution.
Service charges are made every two months and the cost of the two previous ones is required. During this time you can try the application and if you do not meet your requirements you can cancel your account.
Once you have set up your device and activated the sim card of the provider in two minutes, the location of your device should be displayed on the map.
Yes, the services Telesima offers with reports and instant notifications via email and sms can meet all the needs and requirements that our customers require.
The application is continually upgraded and adds new features and capabilities in a regular timeframe. In case of a special need in cooperation with the development department we can immediately implement it.
In this case you will contact the support team to disclose the model and manufacturer of your device. It will then take about 24 hours to complete the tasks required to achieve communication with Telesima servers.
Charge is only on active devices and as long as they operate. If there are devices that are idle, there will be no charge.