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Gps Tracking Services and Solutions

Telesima deals with online services and products related to real-time satellite tracking and recording systems.
It offers very simple and comprehensible basic and necessary features that will help you to improve your productivity and generally contribute to safeguarding the employees and assets of your business.

  1. Leading GPS tracking system

    1. It provides the leading GPS tracking system to individuals, small and large companies based in different parts of the world. Our business has years of experience in the field and can shape and adapt solutions with significant business benefits to its customers because they can easily see and automatically update themselves from their PC, tablet, or mobile phone quickly and instantly for what they are interested in.
  2. Why you choose Telesima's gps platform?

    1. The advantage of Telesima's gps tracking system is that it can be tailored to all our customer requirements without the need to create a fully personalized and permanent choice.
    2. All service charges are only made if the systems are used without fixed costs and permanent subscriptions.
    3. There are no manufacturer or device model commitments because it is possible to add any tracking product you own to the platform.
    4. It provides you with integrated and proven solutions that contain European manufacturers tracking devices with installed SIM cards and suitably configured to deliver with the utmost precision and offer reliable results.
    5. The service provides direct notifications via email or sms and adapts to any need and type of business such as rental vehicles, boats, school and touring buses, distribution vehicles, transport trucks etc.