Telesima Gps Tracking App Ver 3.1

Application of geographic location and event logging.

The following information is about the new version of Telesima's online tracking application.
It gives you instructions on how to use it and analyzes the features of the app to make it as user friendly and functional as possible.


Login View

Entering now is only possible by filling in your email and password.
If you are already user, you should click on the link "Password recovery" and in the next form fill in the email address you already have.

Password recovery

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Fill in your email and press the password reset button to send you a link to your email address where it will allow you to register your new password.

Sign up

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Click the button Sign up and fill in the necessary information for your new registration.
After this step you should check your email where a confirmation link will be sent to complete your registration..
There are cases where the above email may be sent to a junk mailbox..


Troubleshoot problems that may occur when using the application.

1. There is no automatic renewal on the new position.

If there is no automatic renewal of the position on a moving device, you need to clear the cache of the Browser you are using.

Clear cache in FireFox

Press CTRL + SHIFT + DEL and follow the next steps as you can see below.
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Clear cache in Chrome

Press CTRL + H and follow the next steps as you can see below.
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